Our "Wylde" Soap Lines:

(Available with the option of fantasy art labels painted by the soapmaker, or our parchment labels!)

Wylde Faerie soaps

Wylde Mermaid Soaps

and Wylde Wytch Soaps

.....were created out of pairing two of Carol's crafts: soapmaking and art.  Magical botanicals-from-the-wylde recipe soaps and fantasy art paintings of faeries, mermaids and witches! Carol's always been drawn to the magical, otherworldly side of life.....a never-grow-up soul!

These soaps are available with Carol's art labels on them as well as available with our traditional parchment labels, or plain (no label).

The art labels cost more due to higher printing costs.



Intention Soaps


Our line of Intention Soaps were born of many customer requests for herbal soaps filled with botanicals corresponding to specific intentions they want to use for themselves, or wish for others!  Ancient folklore, history, religion, and magic has long associated specific herbs & flowers with specific intent (examples: roses = love, sage = protection & purification, frankincense & myrrh = purification, connection to higher spiritual energy).  This soap collection is our study of and interpretation of a way, via ritual bathing, to celebrate those intentions!


Lovely as gifts of encouragement, friendship, love, ...or to keep and use, yourself, as part of your own bathing & intention rituals!


These bars are larger and a different shape than our usual soap bars, big chunks at 5.5+ oz.


- Blessed Bee

- Love & Friendship

- Moon Worship

- Protection & Purification

- Sweet(grass) Success