What Ancient Alchemy Customers are saying:

If you would like me to post your testimonial, please email it to me at ancientalchemy@aol.com.  I don't have a *self-add* testimonial format here, simply to avoid ad-spam.  Thanks!

"I hadn’t used bar soap for years until I tried Amas Veritas. I fell in love with rich, floral fragrance and how soft my skin felt after use.  There are many choices for scents. I tend to like florals and haven’t been disappointed.


I also particularly love Christmas Tree Farm and Bayberry for the holidays. I can’t help but feel festive after a shower!


Thanks, Carol. I love your products!"


All the best,

Donna Davis

"I've been working with Carol for over 20 years, when she was first Simply Soap, and I've never used another soapmaker since!  Why change when you have the BEST!  Aside from her magnificent soaps, and a HUGE variety you won't find many other places, she's just a really extraordinary person, professionally and personally.  I'm so glad to call you "friend", Carol.  Keep up the great work! You've got a wholesale client (and friend) for life!"  

Angie Waters

"I just LOVE these soaps! Beginning with making my choices from the gorgeous photos and lovely descriptions, unpacking the box at time of receipt, deciding which one to use first, and actually lathering up, the Ancient Alchemy soap experience can't be beat! I have many favorites --- Encantado, Blessing Seed, Bulgarian Lavender, Berry Me in Black, and many, many more. Each time I try a new one, I end up with a new favorite! I love keeping the new soaps in a basket so I can enjoy all of the beautiful scents. Thank you so much for creating all of these wonderful ways for us to enjoy the bathing experience! Please consider me a customer for life! Now, which one do I try next...maybe one of the mermaid soaps...

Love the new website and I'm sure I'll get used to the new name in time. So glad you're able to give up the nonstop infringement problems!

Love & light,
Jennifer H."

"I absolutely love Carol's soaps!  It's ALL my family &

I ever use now!  Thanks for a great & very magical product, Carol!"

Nezzie Wiseman

"This is my soap "Go To" person!  Carol has the best soaps around. Whether you are looking for a certain scent or a health issue, she has it spot on!  Been purchasing from her for a few years now and have never gotten anything I or my family did not love!"

Alberta Brabitz

"Love the new company name, Carol!  It's so perfectly fitting for all that you make and do!  Although I'll probably always think of you first as Simply Soap. So sorry you had so many problems with infringers.  Karma will come to them.  The funny part is, others can steal a name, but they can never replicate YOU and your wonderful soaps and art.  So they really kind of stabbed themselves in the back by making such poor copycats of themselves.  As you know, your soaps have been a staple in my boutique for over 10 years now, and will continue to be as long as I have this business.  You're one of the most professional individuals/vendors I've known and it is my pleasure to also call you a friend.  Thanks and keep up the great work!

Loreen Lovett

"Freaky skin" -- I was the KING!  Until I ordered your Bark & Butter Balm Bar and haven't had freaky skin since!  Which is why you've never gotten rid of me as a customer for what? Fifteen years now?  I hope you keep making soap because I honestly do not know what I'll do if you don't!   I've tried plenty of others, but yours "does it" for me.  I'll be ordering logs of it till I die.  Thanks, Carol!  It's my pleasure to recommend you!"

Arthur Henry

"Carol, I've always had a very hard time keeping your soap on the shelves at my shoppe, customers ask to be on a waiting list for when a new shipment comes in!  I'll never forget when you generously suggested that I stock soap from other soapmakers as well so customer get some variety.  Problem is, they only want yours!  You make a very addictive product, Lady!  And thank you for that!  I especially prefer offering products that I know are made with love and devotion.  I know you love what you do!  And that makes your products extra special.  I also appreciate the custom work you've done for me for special events.  Awesome ideas!" 

Evie Adams

"Dear Carol,

I can't even remember anymore what year I started using your soap it's been so long, but it was first given to me as a gift at Christmas by one of my co-workers in a Secret Santa office exchange.  It was one of those exchanges where the next person opening their gift can steal your gift in exchange for theirs.  Someone stole my soap and I was so disappointed, but then I had the last laugh when I got it back again in a trade when a male co-worker wanted the male-oriented gift I had ended up with instead of the soap he later got!  Everyone in the group was oohing and aahing over the luscious scent!  I ended up cutting off a piece of the soap to leave in the office bathroom so everyone could enjoy it, and they did.  Even the guy co-worker! I'm pretty sure every one of them ended up customers of yours, right? And that is the mark of a truly lovely product, when people not only want to give or receive it as a gift, but use it on a daily basis.  It's like you wonder how you used commercial soaps so long when there was THIS to be had.  Please don't ever stop making your wonderful soaps!  Or if you do have to someday, make sure you teach someone else how you do it!  Maybe ME???" 

Bonnie Wagner

"Carol, our bridal soap favors were a HUGE hit!  Everyone loved them and especially the customizations you did to match our theme!  PERFECT!  Thank you for your willingness to work with me on that (I know I'm finicky!) and for all of your knowledgeable expertise about what would or wouldn't work with certain scents and design.  We're customers for life!

Emma & Derrick Sanders

"I have loved your soaps from the first one I received. They all smell delightful and my customers have walked around my shop carrying a bar of soap under their noses because they just couldn't put it down. Linden Blossom is my absolute favorite. You are so kind and easy to work with and as long as you make soap I will never buy anything but your soaps. You put so much care and consideration into your packaging that it is like opening a holiday gift. Even though we have never met I consider you to be in my inner circle of dear friends. I am so excited for this phase of your journey. Many blessings."


Kristen Adams