Soap Cutters for Bulk Soap

For Bulk Soap 


Cutting Instructions in Photos Using Our Cutters:

Note - Our soap molds yield more square-ish bars!  3" high X 3.5" wide X 13/16" thick.  At cutting time, bars are approx. 5.2 oz, and cure down to approx. 4.8 oz.  






Soap Cutters


Shown in photo: Log Cutter (top), Bar Cutter (below)

 Select your soap cutter  Bar Cutter - $30  Log Cutter - $35   

 (Each cutter comes with a spare wire should the accompanying break at some point, with use. Or, you can replace with .018 gauge wire available at hardware stores, or as guitar strings. Example: Guitar Strings


To Cut Your Logs Into BARS :


Logs weigh 3.75 lbs. or 60 oz.

Using our Soap Cutters, Logs cut into 12 - 5.2 oz. bars that cure typically to 4.8 oz. and no less than 4.5 oz. bars.  Logs are 3" high X 3.5" wide X 10.25" long.

To Cut Your 11 lb. Bulk Chunk:


Bulk Chunks weigh 11.25 lbs. or 180 oz.

Using our Soap Cutters, Bulk Chunks cut into 3 - 12 bar logs or, 36 - 5 oz. bars that cure to no less than 4.5 oz. bars


Lay your 11 lb. Bulk Chunk on it's LONGER side.



























Choose the Log Cutter FIRST to cut the block into LOGS.  (Log Cutter's wire is furthest from base.)

























Pull the Log Cutter/wire across the top of the block as shown. (See wire strung across cutter?)




























Lift log off.  One more log to cut!

Repeat cutting method to obtain your second log.










Remove second log.  Third log remains.  Total of three logs from each 11 lb. chunk.  Now you can display them as cut-by-the-slice-logs, or cut into bars with the Bar Cutter.


*Choose your Bar Cutter now.  Push the end of each log through the Bar Cutter to obtain symmetrically-sized bars. (See wire strung across wooden cutter?)


















You should obtain 12 bars (plus one little end "tester") off each log.

Allow bars to air-dry/fully harden to-touch before wrapping or packaging.  We recommend setting them up on their edges in a well-ventilated area; circulation fans aid quick curing.  Keep soap OUT of heated storage places or in direct sunlight.  Packaging soap helps it retain it's scent longer, but do not package the soap until it is fully dry and hard!!!.  Shelf-life is indefinite if soap is kept out of hot storage areas & direct sunlight.....and if not packaged while damp or tacky to-touch (<-which could seal-in moisture that could cause rancidity!).  Well-cured soap IMPROVES with age!


Call or email if you have any questions!

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Enjoy your soap!