Parchment Label, or Faerie Art Label - each soap variety has it's own special faerie, painted by the soapmaker!

Wylde Faerie Soaps!

Magical botanicals - flower petals, crushed leaves, ground mosses, ferns and herbs-- assuredly create a faerie-friendly aura about you, placing you in closest likelihood of entering the faerie realm! 


Each 4.8 ounce soap comes with the packaging options of plain (no label, comes in a cello bag with name hand-written on it),  a parchment label, or our exclusive faerie art label (painted by the soapmaker herself!) and describing each soap's unique attributes & faerie attractions! 


We cannot make any guarantees that you WILL see a faerie, but as proffered below (under soap listings), we WILL share some of our hints for increasing your odds of a bonafide faerie-sighting, or how to know if faeries are near! 

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How to Tell When Faeries Are Near:

Be aware...there are good faeries full of love and light who only seek to help and inspire you.... and then there are bad faeries who are tricksy and find no greater pleasure than teasing and tormenting humans, purely for sport!  The following are clues that you are in the vicinity of faeries or where they frequently inhabit!



Sudden or unexplained rustling or trembling of leaves.

Unexplained goose bumps or shivers when alone out in nature.

You experience uncontrolled laughter or extreme silliness.

You experience unexplained loss of time or memory.

Butterflies alight upon you.

Dust devils or whirlwinds that suddenly blow up out of nowhere.

Rippling bath or outdoor water with no apparent cause.

Grass blades bending or twigs snapping with no apparent cause.

The feeling of spiders walking upon you with no spiders present.

Flickers of light around your garden or home.

A quick movement or flash of light out of the corner of your eye that cannot be explained.

A strong fragrance hits you and no one is near.

Inexplicable disappearances and reappearances of things in your home.

A feeling of being watched in your attic, basement or other dark place.

Dreams that always involve the outdoors. (This can be faeries calling you to your memory of last having, or almost having an encounter with them.)

Animals attracted to you as you sit quietly or hum. (Faeries sometimes take the form of animals to get close to see and inspect you, assess whether you are safe or not.)

Music or faint singing from sources that cannot be identified.

When out in nature, do you feel the trees and plants are "watching" you?

Do you feel coming changes in the weather before signs of them arrive?

The Best Time To See Faeries:


Dawn, Dusk (Gloaming), Noon, Midnight, Equinoxes & Solstices, right after a rainshower.


The Best Places To See Faeries:

(Seek out "tween" places)




Gardens, including rock gardens or labyrinths.

Right at the edge where garden meets non-garden.

Near waterfalls and trickling streams.

Glades in the woods or forest.

Where beaches and the sea meet.

Tidal pools.

Where streams divide.

Intersections of roads.


Bends in the road.


Hedge borders and at fences.

Stairwells, hallways, landings.

Near a faerie ring of mushrooms that spring up overnight in a circle.




Between my mom’s and my own gardens, we have baskets and baskets of rose petals collected from the summer’s bounty, and as a customer, you’ve likely noticed we always sprinkle the bottom of your carefully prepared and handwrapped package with rose petals—a sweet reminder of our earth connections, and a wee piece of my own faerie garden to you!

(Hopefully I don’t trap any faeries in there as well! But if I do, please turn loose in your own garden!) :)

"Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand."

- W.B. Yeats