White Elephant Soap Scraps & Trimmings 
By The Pound
(Order 5 lbs of either for the price of 4)










These even make great party-bags! Odd or irregular UNLABELED (it's not production-effective for us to have to create labels for each odd-sized scrap, so know these pieces you'll receive are UNLABELED) end-pieces or sizeable-use scraps from soap production, both from our regular soap lines we offer here at this site, as well as from custom soap batches we do!  All the goodness of handmade soap, albeit imperfect pieces...at a savings! We can't guarantee which soaps will be included, but if you specify what scent types you favor, we'll *try* to include those for you if scraps of those scent types are available at the time we are packing your order!)  





Soap Trimmings

We accummulate a LOT of soap trimmings! These are the unsmooth edges we skim off soap bars with a potato peeler! Perfectly great soap, and FUN to roll into what we call Confetti Soap Balls. All you need to do is soak a handful of trimmings in warm-to-hot water for about five minutes until softened (don't leave them in TOO long or the soap will melt away to nothing!), then press together and roll into a ball, set on wax paper or on a drying rack to harden and dry. Then use and enjoy! (These are also nice to keep with you in your purse for one-time-use soap pieces when you're out in public restrooms and don't like chemically-smelling dispenser soap!)

Since trimmings are a big hodgepodge and we make so many varieties of soap we can't separate the different soap varieties out, what you'll receive is indeed a hodgepodge and we cannot accommodate one-scent trimming requests.