Shipping Info./Green Policies

We use the USPS for all our shipping!

You will receive an email shipping confirmation & tracking number with your order to the email address you provide us on your order!  

Up to 0.32 lbs - $3.50 (First Class Mail - up to 2 Full Bars)

0.32 to 1.4 lbs - 7.50 (Priority Mail Flat Rate Box - up to 4 Full Bars)

1.4 to 3.0 lbs - 11.50 (Priority Mail Box - up to 8 Full Bars)

3.0 to 8.0 lbs - 12.80 (Priority Mail Flat Rate Box- up to 24 Full Bars, or 2 12-Bar Soap Logs)

8.0 - 14.0 lbs - 20.75 (Priority Mail Flat Rate Box - up to 36 Full Bars, or 3 12-Bar Logs, or 1 Bulk Chunk)

(Weights include weight of packing materials.)

A Note About Our Packaging & Earth-Conscious Practices:

Shipping boxes we use are from the Post Office (FREE, so I don't have to charge you for them!) and are recycled cardboard and other paper materials, AND their packaging meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification standards. More info. here:

Styrofoam noodles that we use are noodles we are RE-USING/RE-CYCLING from shipments of ingredients, etc. that are SENT TO US! I can’t even remember when the last time was I purchased styrofoam noodles myself.  We also re-use those inflated air packs, and kraft paper or shreds that come with a lot of our shipments as well. Please be assured that we feel GREEN and behave Earth-conscious! 

Thanks to the USPS's pick-up program, I never have to get into my vehicle and use fossil fuel or any kind of energy to go to the Post Office myself to drop off shipments; ....mail carriers come right to my door for both pick-ups and deliveries, thereby limiting how much *I* am on the road! More time to MAKE SOAP! :)

We use very little energy in our actual soapmaking process, most energy expended is by the soapmaker herself, stirring, pouring, cutting & trimming!  I work in a well-lit natural light workshop and rarely even turn on the lights unless I’m working late at night.  Soap labels we use are printed on recycled paper. Freezer paper and plastic liners for our soap molds are used and re-used until they cannot be used any longer.  We use recycled paper towels for some of our soap pot clean-up, but most is elbow grease, rag & minimal water cleaning with Earth-friendly cleaning products.  We also make a point to order our raw ingredients from Earth-conscious suppliers.  Our odd soap end pieces and soap trimmings are sold at a discount as White Elephant Soap Scraps & Trimmings...NOTHING goes to waste here.

Thank you all, for being conscientious and recycling, also!  This info is posted here, and I usually only include a printed version of this info. in a shipment if a customer has inquired about any Earth-conscious policies & practices we employ, indicating they have not found this info on our website.

To GREEN!  Every act has a consequence.

~Carol Ochs
Ancient Alchemy