There's a special magic in the air when summer cools and leaves begin to turn. You feel it! Halloween is coming! To create Samhain Spirit, I took my gathering basket and collected all the very best scent memories of Halloween's/Samhain's past.....damp woodland leaves, bitter orange rind potpourri, a splash of mountain apple cider, freshly-ground cinnamon bark, the sweetness of hot Mexican chocolate, a hint of cherry tobacco, and a whisp of sage for protection from n'er-do-well spirits.  Stirred together in my soap cauldron with extra enrichment from fresh vitamin-rich pumpkin meat, 100% virgin African shea butter, this wondrously emollient soap and scent-blend emerged, an aromatherapy soap to keep Halloween magically alive year-round!

Wylde Wytch Soap - Samhain Spirit

  • Distilled Water, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, pumpkin meat, shea butter, essential oils, fragrance, calendula petals, beta carotene.