Protect yourself with the magic of blessing seeds, also known as Nigella seed. This bar is also empowered with freshly ground burdock root and mugwort herb, ...herbs of protection, and scented with the curious essential oil of petitgrain (from the bitter orange tree leaf), and known to aromatherpeutically alleviate depression and anxiety. Additonal essential oils of clary sage and sandalwood round this out, soothing to mental clarity. Bless thy body with Blessing Seed Bar, then go face the world!


A very popular soap among men!


Wylde Wytch Soap - Blessing Seed Bar

  • Distilled water, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, fragrance, essential oils, ground burdock root, ground mugwort, mineral colorant, ground cinnamon, Nigella seeds.


    Note:  No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.