An enchanted cottage, garden, or glade is easy to identify if clinging with bright orange and yellow nasturtium flowers & edible vines, smiling giant sunflowers, and puffs of dandelions all about!  Faeries LOVE to dance on the soft heads of dandelions!  A fresh floral scent of freshly cut and gathered sunflowers flowers in this soap filled with ground dandelion leaf, nasturtium petals, and skin-enriching sunflower oil to brighten your bath!

Wylde Faerie Soap - Sunflower, Dandelion & Nasturtium Soap

  • Distilled water, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) castor oil, sunflower oil, essential oils & fragrance, dried and ground sunflower, calendula and nasturtium petals, and dandelion leaf.


    Note:  No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.

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