We accummulate a LOT of soap trimmings! These are the unsmooth edges we skim off soap bars with a potato peeler! Perfectly great soap, and FUN to roll into what we call Confetti Soap Balls. All you need to do is soak a handful of trimmings in warm-to-hot water for about five minutes until softened (don't leave them in TOO long or the soap will melt away to nothing!), then press together and roll into a ball, set on wax paper or on a drying rack to harden and dry. Then use and enjoy! (These are also nice to keep with you in your purse for one-time-use soap pieces when you're out in public restrooms and don't like chemically-smelling dispenser soap!)

Since trimmings are a big hodgepodge and we make so many varieties of soap we can't separate the different soap varieties out, what you'll receive is indeed a hodgepodge and we cannot accommodate one-scent trimming requests.

White Elephant Soap Trimmings By The Pound