With mineral-rich sea vegetables!


The allure of tidal waters, the calming effect of salty air.....the sea calls to us; respite from the chaos of life. This herbal-sensual blend of rosemary and patchouli oils with just a whisper of lemon tang is reminiscent of early morning sea mist or a brisk dip in the ocean. Peppered with sea vegetable bits. When you can't get to the beach, savor this scent in your shower! Made with essential oils reputed to be balancing to oily or acne-prone skin.


Monterey Mist contains rosemary essential oil.  NOT recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. While quantities are scant, essential oils can be absorbed through the skin, so we recommend you stay on the safe side of usage.

Monterey Mist

  • Distilled water, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, avocado oil, essential oils of patchouli, rosemary, lemon, mineral oxide colorants, ground and whole sea vegetables.


    Note: No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.