My personal collection of props used in the movie, Practical Magic! 


Prop Acquisition:

Movie props are available for purchase from many venues! Frequently, right after filming of a movie, props and costumes will be auctioned immediately on ebay or other auction sites. Sometimes props later change hands and become part of different personal collections over years till an owner wants to sell or trade. So it's not uncommon to find props becoming re-available to acquire, long after a movie came out, or was a box office hit! I've sold several of mine and may again in the future!

When a movie begins production, the set/prop director has access to prop houses.....veritable warehouses of every item you can imagine to create a set with, including period-specific vintage antiques. They can check-out prop items in accordance with their vision for the film, and fitting the time period, etc. Some props have been used for other movies. Some may be visible for only a fraction of a second as the camera pans a room or setting, or perhaps not seen at all "on camera" (i.e. "screen-used"), but still an authentic prop. If a movie goes on to be quite popular, prop houses will often release props to sell post-filming, rather than have it returned to circulation to become available for other film set-use, because prop-value is raised due to the movie's box office popularity.

"Screen-used" props are of the highest value, easily recognizable as something you saw used in a movie---like the spellbook used in Practical Magic, owned by this lucky lady -->: (I read on forum follow-up that this sold at the post-filming ebay auction for a reported nearly-$1300) She also owns the black umbrella Sally used to jump off the roof at the end of the movie. The value of these type props is obviously higher.....but for many enthusiasts, just having any prop from a movie they cherish is valuable for sentimental, familiar reasons, or whatnot....and that is the kind of collector I am.

All genuine props should be accompanied by a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) from a reputable prop house it originated from, that looks something like the following. Some major prop houses in the past have closed & liquidated all their inventory, and buyers or other prop houses snap-up items to re-sell or add to their own collections..... All of the items in my collection have COA's and are issued from one of the largest, most reputable prop houses in the USA.

When I began collecting Practical Magic props, I re-watched the movie, trying to catch sight of some of my props. Some I think I see, but are part of cluttered cupboard settings, or more "general background", or I suspect are part of broader scenes like the attic bedroom (where Jimmy morphs out of Gillian's body). In that room are a bevy of knickknacks that line the walls, nooks & crannies. 

Most-cherished to me, are props that relate to things about the movie that are core in my own life, things I do, or items I collect anyway---candles, soap dishes (being a soapmaker!), wooden trinket boxes, potion-making bottles, herb ware, tea dishware. I like collecting things I can USE in my own life, not just leave in a glass display cabinet. So that's been what I'm most attracted to collecting...a tea cup for butterfly weed tea, and a cake plate for brownies, or shot glass for tequila! Fun coversation pieces! It's kinda cool to have items scattered about my own house that were part of the movie! Some I sold before I created this display page.  Here are some below:

The first Practical Magic prop I acquired was this candlestick! Candles are such an intrinsic part of the movie, in many scenes.... Every time I light it, I feel a spark of magic! It's part of many candle groupings throughout my house. (I'm pretty sure I qualify as a candle fanatic!)

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

This metal owl is a tealight candle holder inside and feels like it weighs ten lbs, it's sooo heavy! Would make a good weapon in an emergency! When lit, the light shines through his eyes and I often remove the lid on top and set my cup there to keep my tea warm! He's a useful lil' dude! I love his aged metal finish. He wisely sits by me at my computer and and stares at me with his *burning* gaze.....

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

This heavy glass bubble-filled paperweight is another item I keep on my desk. It looks perfectly magical, because, well,... it IS! 

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

What better way to take tea, than in my own magical garden with a teacup & saucer from Practical Magic?

Practical MagicMovie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

A lovely Victorian soap dish! I like to keep it filled with a soap from my Wylde Wytch Soap line called "Encantado" (means "enchanted") made with lavender and rosemary! "Plant rosemary at your garden gate, grow lavender for luck!"

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

Victorian copper herb pots were quite useful back-in-the-day, for gathering herbs and making mashes or teas, and that was what this was sold to me herb pot. As a Practical Magic prop, I'm sure it was for the aunts' bountiful garden gatherings. I use it as a candle pot though, for beeswax candles...hmmm...I love the soft honey scent of beeswax!

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

This necklace was part of costumery from Practical Magic. I *think* I recognize it from one of the scenes with Sally in her bontanical store, Verbena.  Recently sold.

This charming jewelry trinket box was one of my more expensive acquisitions. I can just imagine it sitting on one of the aunts' dressers, filled with ornate Victorian jewelry, a hatpin or two, can't you?  I recently sold it, but who knows, you may find it for sale again on ebay!

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

More candlery! Can there ever really be *enough*? Sold to a friend!

Practical Magic Movie Prop.  Carol Ochs, Ancient Alchemy

The perfect serving dish for breakfast brownies! This pretty etched cake plate is perfectly in-keeping with serving ware of the Victorian era. 

I'm an avid bottle-collector anyway, but couldn't resist a potion bottle from the Practical Magic Conservatory! 

Technically I'm not, but somewhere within me, I'm sure courses Italian blood, because I LOVE basil. I grow it, dry it, and use it on just about everything! So of course, I was invariably attracted to this beautiful cobalt blue Victorian herb shaker from Practical Magic...for what else? My constant eating companion, dried basil! 

This is a fun vase, and on the bottom of it are written set notes, placing it in the "living area, set 7, scene 14". 

I adore wooden boxes, have collected them just about all my life, I find it very difficult to pass a box at a craft faire without opening it to see what's *IN* it! Consequently, every box I own or give has some small treasure in it! A stone, a shell, a key, a pressed flower, crystal or ornament. When I saw this Practical Magic box, hand-etched in pyrography with a Victorian woman motif, I imagined what treasures or secrets the Practical Magic women stored in it.... Love letters?  Spells?

This sweet lil' 2-cup hand-painted teapot was a staple of my garden tea breaks with my Practical Magic teacup & saucer. Sold.

Another Victorian copper herb pot....but I use it to hold pens & pencils.

Cats have always been important family members in our household, their personalities magical!  So this kitty candleholder fits right in! 

A Victorian copper herb basket used for herb gathering, I kept dried botanicals/potpourri in it, sprinkled with a few drops of essential oils, to softly scent the house in lavender, rosewood, sweet orange, & cinnamon.  Sold to a friend.

A wooden inlaid trinket box.  Sold!

Jewelry? More treasures? Surely this trinket dish was in Sally's room or the attic bedroom!

This is my pancake plate! I haven't mastered saguaro cactus pancakes like Gary Hallet; ...I rather prefer thin round blueberry ones! And at Halloween, pumpkin pancakes!

This is a Victorian era fireside match holder, but I use it to hold my candle snuffer, also a Practical Magic prop.......a witch hat snuffer!

This Victorian era ceramic herb pot features a graceful calla lily design. Sold.

This wooden candlestick has an interesting purple-ish color to it. 

A tequila shot glass! I mean c' just KNOW tequila is going to taste better out of a Practical Magic set shot glass!

This item gets used a lot! Because I make soups a lot! A copper & brass ladle from the Practical Magic kitchen!

This is one of my favorite props!  Why?  To many, it looks like icicles or stalactites.  To me, it looks like three upside down witch hats!  But no one else seems to *see* that.  Go figure!  

See! Upside down witch hats!  

This stoneware herb bowl gets used for SO many things! Serving dish, dip dish, mixing bowl, candle arrangement bowl.....You can NEVER have enough bowls....especially when they're from Practical Magic! 

This curious lil' turtle candleholder always adds a bright spot!

Copper cauldron!  Every witch needs her cauldron!

So even though I don't have a gorgeous gothic Victorian home like the Practical Magic house as many of us might wish for (the builders for ths house are listed in links below!), I DO have bits of Practical Magic in every room of my own house! And I'm just sure these items absorbed and give off some of the magic that the movie continues to emanate!  <l:) 

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