Ancient Alchemy Autumn

It's that time of year! Soap production is in uber-high gear! Mostly we're grateful to be producing at all! At the beginning of the pandemic, we had no idea how much it might affect our business. It slowed things down a bit, but we're in full autumn/holiday mode and very appreciative of your business--thank you! Please remember that orders can be delayed now, so if you have specific need-by dates...order EARLY! Especially those of you retailers who order custom soaps I need to make from scratch and allow time to cure. I will be closing by DECEMBER 1rst. thru Jan. 3rd...which gives me time to catch up on any Xmas backlog of orders....but also because my first grandbaby is due in Dec. and I will no doubt be preoccupied being a grandmama! Thanks very much!

Back to the soap mine! Hi ho, hi ho....Carol