• Carol

An Ancient Alchemy Update and Question...

OK, Guys...So here's the deal! I'm going to need to seriously cut back on how many soaps I offer. Right before this pandemic hit, my husband's bookkeeper for his plumbing contracting business had to quit due to health reasons (not corona virus) and I stepped in to help out....which has now become a permanent thing, 5 hours per day. It's considered an "Essential Service Business", so we are still working, which we are very grateful for.

I'm STILL RUNNING ANCIENT ALCHEMY as well, but the nights working are getting really long and I'm quite honestly getting really tired. I'm going to continue to do both, but logistically, it would be more manageable if I cut back on so many soap offerings. We at some point hope to move my bookkeeping end of the plumbing business home, which would make juggling both much easier (I think!).

So! Please tell me your soap favs you absolutely can't live without! I plan to make bigger batches as well, so I always have puh-lenty on-hand of each! 😁 Thanks for your input and continued loyalty! I don't know what I'd do withoutcha! ❤

So far we're staying afloat, but with the future looking like this crisis could go on for a very long time, we're bending and maneuvering to adapt, like everyone is...trying to be of help where we can. Look for a special offering coming soon...a sign of appreciation, and gratitude. I fully feel very lucky that we are still working in ANY capacity, and if I can help anyone else within my abilities, I will do so!!! Thanks again for your interest, and I hope you are all doing OK!!! Please share your story. You never know when The Ancient Alchemy Fairy will visit you.....