• Carol

Ancient Alchemy THANKS!

Dear Followers....

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out of THANKS to everyone who has placed orders in the last two weeks and have been patient with delays. My husband underwent total knee replacement surgery two weeks ago and it ended up requiring a lot more of our attention in followup than expected by way of multi-physical therapy appts. each week, etc. Time away affected my production schedule more than anticipated. But when it comes to family, you just DO IT! I rarely have taken time off in the past 24 years, I should have just closed the store temporarily. Good news though....he is progressing way ahead of schedule, doesn't even need a walker or cane anymore; his doctor and therapists have all commented that they want to send their other patients TO HIM as he seems to have the self-discipline and drive to get back to normal ASAP, and his own therapy exercises seem to be giving him back his mobility way faster than their own! It's been a lifelong issue for him with this knee following a horrific injury in high school injury doctors didn't think he'd ever come back from and walk normally or without a cane. Again, he proved to doctors he's not the average patient. Age and arthritis caught up to him though requiring this knee replacement. It's a new pain-free start for us we're thrilled about!

Anyway.....I appreciate how many of you reached-out with concern, and as said, those of you patient with this unusual lapse in timely shipping. THANK YOU! I hope the freebies included in your orders are a welcome token of my appreciation!