• Carol

Ancient Alchemy Wishes You Happy New Year! (And SALE!)

Good Day, Good People!

What's the old saying, ....the best part of Christmas is January??? Heh heh, or did I just make that up? ...speaking as someone that prefers a quiet life, low on chaos. ;)

Our New Year will be anything but calm for awhile. We have our daughter's wedding in early Jan., and then my husband will be having knee replacement surgery on an old football injured knee where time and arthritis have finally really caught up to him. But the new knee will be a huge improvement, so hurray for that!

Excited for the New Year, new projects, new things to create! I will be reducing soap offerings, just to keep stock more manageable. Old favorites will remain, and I will have seasonal offerings, often weather-scent-specific. And if there's something you really love that you don't see available, I can ALWAYS do a cu