• Carol

Holiday Schedule-Ancient Alchemy Soaps, Etc.

Hi All!

Just wanted to give a quick reminder of our holiday schedule! All orders need to be to us by Dec. 1rst to guarantee a by-Christmas delivery. Wholesale orders, earlier than that! We will take orders for e-gift certificates right up to Dec. 23rd. Please plan accordingly!

Several of you have kindly emailed me prospective orders, but not yet paid for them. Your order does not get entered into our production queue until it is paid for, so if you have a specific need-by date, please provide your payment info if you are not ordering via the website shopping cart....thanks! 619-287-1394

I am needing to be pretty hard and fast about the Dec. 1rst cut-off this year as it then will require the next two weeks to complete any lingering orders. And in early Jan. is our daughter's wedding so it will be an especially busy time not only with holidays, but last minute wedding preparations and out of town guests. Thanks for your consideration!