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Ancient Alchemy Xmas in July Sale...and update on our doin's!

Happy Summer, Dear Followers!

On the Personal Side:

I've been remiss in posting regularly, my apologies.  Life got crazy-busy with some extra-large production orders of both soap and art, a 90 year old mom, and a daughter getting married soon!  We also have a new family member -- Gryffin!  (Short for Gryffindor!)  He's a 1 1/2 year old Newfoundland ("Newfie") we rescued from the L.A. area, and he is such a joy in our lives!  Our two Golden Retrievers both died in the last couple of years of old age, both at 14.  Our household was desperately empty without their presence.  We had learned about Newfs a few years ago and were quite enamored with the breed for their loving devotion to their families, intelligence, work ethic, humor even, and just all-around awesome BIG-ness!  We researched them heavily, and signed up for a couple of rescue organizations here in Southern CA.  It took about a year for Gryff to find his way to us...and well worth the wait!  Here he is:

Our oldest son who lives in the state of WA, works for Microsoft, was recently able to make his first home purchase!  My husband David and I flew up to help him move and settle his enchanting cottage, literally right on the Stillaguamish River in the Mountain Loop Highway area!  So it was a combination working/fun vacation!  While we were there, we hiked the incredible forests (if you've been to WA forests, you know what I mean....there's nothing like old growth, dripping in moss forests--THE MAGICAL BEST!), panned for gold, visited an amazing, sustainable practice alpaca farm, stalked Bigfoot (the area is a known Bigfoot sighting area)!  Can't wait to get up there again!

Enough about me.....


A lot of my retailer shoppe-owner clients are already asking what our offerings will be for this year's holiday season...cuz that's how it works in the retail world...plan early!  Anyway, it got me thinking we're due for a sale, so why not Xmas in July?  Use this code (case sensitive!!!) JulyXmas in the discount box on our shopping cart check-out page and get 15% off your RETAIL product order, between now and Friday, July 12th at midnight!  HAPPY SHOPPING!  And don't forget to stock up on those cooling summer soaps with MINT in them--like Peppermint Twist!

Easily over 50% of my wonderful customers are men, or so my stats show!  And many of you have been requesting "soaps with GRIT"!  Well here ya go!.....

True Grit Soap, Java Bean Scrub, and Sunrise Sauna....check 'em out!  Guaranteed to bust your barnacles!  These soaps ARE textured so choose if you do not have overly sensitive skin.

And speaking of overly sensitive skin, we brought back the very original soap that started our business, Simply Soap, made for myself originally because I must have the most sensitive skin ever.  I used to think I had defective DNA or something, but once I tried handmade soap, I realized it was actually the chemicals and stuff in most commercial soaps that caused my sensitivities, NOT my DNA!  And something I made for me, quickly took off with others as well.   It's the plainest, unscented, most mild soap of all, great even for baby skin (Note: NOT a tear-free soap).  People with super-fragile skin such as chemo or radiation patients do really well with this soap, or so they have shared with me.  

Wedding Season is in full-swing....need, or know anyone who needs event favors?  Soap works for EVERYONE!  Labels can be customized per event!  More info HERE!