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Ancient Alchemy New Year Updates/Changes!

Hello, Good People and Happy New Year! May it be healthy, productive, and magically inspiring! We're personally excited to tackle it! Hope you are, too!

Quick Updates!

- New bar size! We've changed our bar size to a more ergonomic, great feeling size! (See photo.) Previous bar size stock will be used-up while to convert to the new size! Don't worry custom-bar shoppe owners, the old size is still available at the minimum batch won't have to change your labels, unless you want the new bar size!

- We are discontinuing the half-bar size. While we remove this option from our cart, we will honor any half-bars ordered that still present as available. Please be patient while we do the work of removing this option from our cart for all varieties. Half bars will be an option again during holiday season only, or for custom or bridal soaps ordered at a minimum order of 24 half-bars.

- Last year we heard many of you lament "There's so much at your site, I get overwhelmed!" Well, we've discontinued some soaps that are not as favorite as others. AND, we've removed our art and fiber good options. Those can be found separately at their own venues. Links to each are under "Other Crafty Curiosities" on our menu bar. We hope this streamlines things a bit more for ya's! We're continuing to review our site and make change. We are always open to your feedback!

Wishing you a clean, beautiful 2019! Use code JanFeb2019 (case sensitive) in your online cart on retail orders and receive 10% off all orders Jan. thru Feb.!


Ancient Alchemy Bar Size

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