• Carol

Get your jump on hostess gifts & holiday soap shopping! ~ Ancient Alchemy

The day before Halloween, I fulfilled a promise I've been making to myself many years, but FINALLY followed through on this year....I completed my Xmas shopping EARLY! feels amazing! Best of all, now I'll have more time closer to the holidays for the things that matter to me--time & experiences & joy with my loved ones!

We are getting very busy with holiday production here at Ancient Alchemy, so ship times may be delayed somewhat. Please take time to place your orders early, not only so they arrive to you on time, but so you, too, can experience having your list all crossed-off and share joy with your loved ones, TOO!

As always, we also offer electronic gift certificates! Be sure to place orders for those no later than Dec. 23rd to assure they arrive on time! We're staying open as long as possible in Dec. to accommodate all orders, but may close by the second week of Dec. to process existing orders to arrive by Xmas.