Ancient Alchemy Folklore Wisdom - Shoo-Fly Potpourri Blend

Make a Shoo-Fly Potpourri Bowl for your summer picnic table and keep pesky flies and other kamikazes away!

2 cups lavender flowers/buds 1 cup dried mint leaves 1 cup dried lemon verbena leaves 1/4 cup clove buds 1/4 cup orris root powder 3 drops of citronella essential oil

All ingredients can be found at your grocery store, health food store, Amazon, or online natural botanicals stores such as

Mix all botanicals and powder together gently after dropping in oil drops to distribute the citronella. Place mixture in a bowl that will not be used for food preparation. I use an antique wooden bowl. I also like to put it in a large muslin tea bag or other natural cloth bag, and dangle it above the picnic table! Works like a charm! It's also handy during summer when we all usually have an abundance of fresh ripening fruit in a bowl on our counters, to hang a sachet nearby your fruit bowl to keep pesky fruit gnats away!

P.S. People who smell this blend often comment that it smells like Ivory Soap. While Ivory's scent is a trade, I must admit, it DOES smell like it!

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