• Carol

Bewick'd Candles--some changes!

OK! We've been offering our "Bewick'd Candles" candle line for a few months now, and we're listening attentively to your feedback! Turns out that while many of you love the long-lasting burn and other natural benefits of 100% beeswax candles, including giving bees a job, some find them beyond your comfort zone price-wise. We hear you, but that *IS* the reality of *100% beeswax*. So to adjust in the affordability department, we've played with our formula a bit and we're now making a beeswax and soy wax BLEND, allowing us to lower the price of our container candles! BUT, allow me to still make and ship candles even in the hottest part of summer! (Issue: 100% soy wax can turn into a melty liquid mess when shipped from 102 degree San Diego!) We also like to remind that three of our jar selections are recycled Spanish glass which makes a way-cool re-useable receptacle after you've burned your candle, as a flower vase, pencil or trinket holder! Perfect gift! Yep! We're also now offering our candles wholesale. So, take another look if you love candles and/or would like to offer them as part of your shoppe offerings! And thanks again for your feedback!

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