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67 Days Till Christmas!

Holiday Lead Times!

Please place all holiday orders with us by Dec. 1rst, if you require a need-by-Xmas-Eve delivery! Earlier if you are a retailer with a large order for your shoppe!

The USPS cut-off date for guaranteed deliveries is Dec. 20th, however that does not account for bad weather delays (which usually occur), plus we spend the entire month of Dec. packing and shipping a backlog of holiday orders that flood in up through Nov. and we cannot then accommodate late-placed orders needed BY Xmas. You can place them, but they may not arrive till after Jan. 1rst.

Every year we get stragglers who ply me with "But it's me, can't you do it FOR ME. you LOVE me?! ;) "...and trust me, it's not a matter of whether I love you or not, want to or not, it's a matter of what is humanly possible. ;) And most of our holiday-specific stock is gone by late Dec. anyway.

So please, please, please, plan early, and order early! :)

Another last-minute option is our E-Gift Certificates which can be filled up to Dec. 23rd (emailed to your gift recipient!)

Our Holiday specific soaps: HOLIDAY SOAPS

THANKS SO MUCH for your consideration in this!