• Carol

CrUnCh TiMe!!!

Dear Customers....Not to be annoying, but yeah, well, I'm going to be annoying ;). This is another reminder to please place your orders well ahead of need-by date, especially those of you with large autumn/holiday wholesale orders that take longer for me to prepare. I'm already working extremely long hours and want to accommodate everyone, but we're at *that point* where I'm sorry, but I can't squeeze in *rush orders* anymore, or *but I thought I was your favorite customer* orders anymore. The sooner you get into the order queue, the better! Black Friday is only 7 weeks away. Yep, love 'em or hate 'em, the holidays are sneakin' up fast! Thanks! ~Carol :)

See! Actual sparks are flying from the workshop, I'm workin' so hard! ;)