• Carol

Solar Eclipse Soap

We had a *MAJOR* run on our Moon Worship Intention Soap, in preparation for Monday's Solar Eclipse by the moon! But I'm making more over the weekend, and the next batch(es) will have the special distinction of being charged/bathed-in the light-then-darkness ionosphere properties OF the solar eclipse! Yes, it will be sitting out bathing in the magic! Along with my many jars of water and oils also charging.

I'll be taking pre-orders for this soap, which will help me assess how much more I need to make to have out, so let me know if you'd like to pre-order any of this "special batch" of Moon Worship (how many bars) so I make enough! Might make an extra special gift for your favorite moon-worshipping that YOU??? :)

Let me know at: (The next North American total eclipse won't be until 2024!)

Moon Worship Intention Soap -

Moon Worship Intention Soap -