• Carol

We're deLIGHTed to introduce....

....our newest product line:

Bewick'd Candles!

Beewitchingly beeautiful organic beeswax and coconut container candles!

Personally, I adore the pure scent of natural beeswax, it's slightly honeyed essence, but we also offer these five container selections in essential oil aromatherapy blends corresponding to the elements. And we don't go with just the usual four - Air, Earth, Fire, Water....we go the Chinese Medicine route and include Wood, as well, because, well, some of us are called to and draw strength from the power and magic of The Woods! We also use heavy-duty recycled glass and/or reusable glass jars! And I especially love our Handle Candle that you can pick-up and take-with, wherever you want to enjoy your candle -- room-to-room, out in the garden or workshop. As you can tell, I designed these candles on personal preferences. ;)

Come check out the new line! And may they bring *magical light* into your life!

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