The Company Name-Change (July of 2017): 

For you longtime loyal customers likely wondering... "Why the heck did you change the company name from Simply Soap to Ancient Alchemy?"  ​I'm sure this came as a peculiar surprise, ...and an explanation is in order.  I mean, seriously!  WHO in their right-mind changes their company name after owning/branding it for 23 years, ...right?!  Trust me, it's strange for me, too, and, the decision did not come lightly.....  

The short answer is: After 23 years, I was just plain worn-down dealing with rampant, non-abating trademark-infringement of my legally trademarked (in the USA) name,"Simply Soap", plus the residual, damaging ripple effects it caused my business.  Dealing with all that significantly cut into my soap production and other creative-time.  So, to hopefully shed this distraction once and for all, I decided a name-change was in order.  It was the only solution I could fathom that might finally gain me relief from spending countless hours battling infringers.  Yes, was *really* that bad.  

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." - Henry David Thoreau

As Ancient Alchemy, soap, methods,, ....nothing has changed, just the name of the company! Which, by the way, is a name I'd already previously trademarked and we've been using since 2003 for one of our soap lines.  It has just been re-trademarked, officially registered as of October 24, 2017.


I invite you to jump on board and embrace the new name when you think of lovingly-handmade soap, and ME!  AND I hope you also enjoy the fresh new-look website we created to go with the new name!  






The End (of short answer). 

Link to a longer explanation (If you care to/choose to read more).