Intention Soaps

Our Intention Soaps were born of many customer requests for soaps filled with botanicals corresponding to specific intentions they want to use for themselves, or wish/gift for others!  Folklore, history, religion, and magic have long associated specific herbs & flowers with specific intent (Examples: roses = love, sage = protection & purification, frankincense & myrrh = purification, connection to higher spiritual energy).  This soap collection is our study of and interpretation of a way, via ritual bathing, to celebrate those intentions!  Each is a chunky 5.5+ oz. (a full oz. heavier than our usual bars).


Lovely to give as gifts of encouragement, friendship, love, ...or to keep and use, yourself, as part of your own bathing & intention rituals!

Ancient Alchemy's line of Intention Soaps
Ancient Alchemy's Intention Soaps

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