Infringement Education Links:

For anyone wanting to learn more about trademark and copyright law, as well as new business start-up help, here are some helpful links:

US Trademark Database (online search for TM's)

US Copyright Office
US Patent and Trademark Office
The Copyright Website
Copyrights: Obtaining and Observing

Excellent YouTube on Trademarking

Forbes Crash Course In Trademark Infringement

When Business Names Confuse Consumers: The Basics of Trademark Law


New info has emerged on domain infringement:


Trademark DomainNames

FAQ about Domain Names and Trademarks

Electronic Frontier Foundation

New Business Start-up Help:


SCORE - *Free* business training, mentorship and advice.

First of all, if you want to have the leverage and rights to protect what is yours...go to the time and expense to trademark it, and/or register copyright it.

If you discover you're the victim of infringement, today's online venues have made it much easier to report and get results, than it used to be.  Most recommend you contact the infringer directly and ask them to refrain, see if you can obtain results that way first "playing nice".  I've personally had very mixed results with this approach. While many will acknowledge their infringement upon having it pointed out to them directly/or realizing you've caught them (preferably with screenshots or copies you've obtained so they can't wiggle out of the truth), or claim they "didn't realize" and it was an honest mistake, ...many request you to wait for them to pick a new name and re-set-up their new identity/branding before they take down the infringement of YOUR property.  Um, no. Unless you want to set yourself up to have to play babysitter for this situation, and follow up continuously to see what stage they are at until they finally cease & desist, this is a bad choice, ...but your choice.

I've had some infringers become outright belligerent, hostile and insulting even in the face of pages of evidence, denying they are doing anything wrong.  This argument goes nowhere, best to extricate yourself out of the conversation immediately and go to what works.

I've had the best results going directly to venue administration and reporting the crime.  Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Etsy shops, websites, etc. can all be taken down, usually within 24-48 hours upon being reported.  Some venues like Facebook give the infringer the opportunity to not lose all their content if they actually do remove the infringing material and allow YOU to OK them resuming their presence, but under non-infringing representation.

These are just a few, but you can Google any venue for their *infringement reporting* page.

Facebook Infringement Report

Twitter Infringement Report

Etsy Infringement Report

Instagram Infringement Report

Website Infringement Report


Since I began having infringement issues over 23 years ago, I have wanted to be part of the solution, have posted educational links and info to hopefully help educate, and will continue to do the same here on this new website.  If you have any particularly great links or new info. on the subject you'd like to share, please let me know and I may post your links here upon review...thanks!