Creating stuff is an obsession! 

Carol is also an artist, candlemaker, fiber crafter, and writer!

Art is available in the shop below, and at an alternate portfolio link.

Candles (also have a link here at this site) and fiber crafts available at an Etsy shop.

Alternate Art Website:

Carol Ochs Art - Fantasy, Fairy, Mermaid and Other Enchanted Art & Illustration

A myriad of products available with Carol's art on them! 

Greeting cards, mugs, totes, t-shirts, framed prints, and MORE!

Her art has been published in three books and numerous online magazines.

Twisted Spiinstress

Fiber Crafts

(Etsy Shop)


Carol is also a writer

She is published (6/19) in this book, "Paradigm Shifts - Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse" which can be purchased here on Amazon!  Her story in the collective is

"Destiny In A Bottle", page 199.

Carol also likes to collect and use old typewriters!