Covid Era Changes
Hello Dear Followers:
Firstly and most importantly, we hope you are all staying well, and finding ways to bend, maneuver, and still dance to this new reality of dealing with Covid-19.  As a maker of soap, we are deeply grateful for those of you who continue to think of us for your sanitizing needs, all-around personal me-time bathing, as well as gift-giving!  What better gift to still send your birthday and other special occasion recipients in the time of Covid-19 THAN SOAP, right?!
Many folks have already shared with us how using a lot of hand sanitizer and washing their hands repeatedly has really taken a toll on their skin, so finding less harsh, more natural soap has been a big help.  Our soaps do retain their natural glycerin, in addition to the moisturizing oils used to make them!  While several of our soaps have natural anti-bacterial/anti-viral properties (tea tree oil soaps in particular), we are not aware of testing that has proved concrete efficacy against some of you have asked.  But as scientists and physicians have told us over and over, it is the ACT of washing, and washing thoroughly that is most important in ridding our hands of pathogens and viruses.
On a personal note, just before Covid-19 hit, my husband's bookkeeper had to quit unexpectedly due to health reasons (not coronavirus).  He owns a plumbing contracting business here in San Diego.  If any of you are in need of plumbing service locally, he is considered an "essential business" and is open, ready to serve you for any plumbing & heating service and repair, and all of his plumbers are trained in proper sanitary protocol for coming into your home or place of business with masks, gloves, shoe covers, and cleaning products for their work area.  Call (619) 297-3911.  You'll likely get ME on the other end! :) 
Anyway, I stepped in to fill-in as bookkeeper and have become that new bookkeeper permanently.  We, like everyone, are uncertain how anything will progress anymore as far as income for the we are grateful that his business is staying busy, and I am happy to do my part to help in the bookkeeping end of it.  But...
However due to working this bookkeeping job as well each day, my time is squeezed and I need to scale back on how many soap offerings I make available, as I don't have as much time to make soap.  I'm considering this scale-back a temporary situation while we get through Covid-19.  I'm now also doing the bookkeeping work from home so I can more easily mesh running the two businesses. 
So....if you notice not as many soap offerings as you're used to, ...that is why.  I put out an inquiry on social media and on our newsletter/blog, asking for your favorites to keep available, and using that feedback as well as what my data shows to be all-time best-selling soaps, as well as reducing overlaps in SCENT FAMILIES (i.e. one lavender type soap vs. several lavender blends), I hope you'll still find soaps you love!  I'm still available to make custom batches for you at a minimum me and let's talk - 
And to my retailer clients, I'm still here to make your custom and regular line soaps for you!  I know this has been really hard on the storefront industry, and many of you are now focusing on your website presence -- kudos to you!  If you need help in any way, please let me know! If there is any silver lining to this scary and uncertain time, it is that people do INDEED continue to need soap, gifts, and simple pleasures to make their days home, better!  
Thank you so much for your understanding on this!
I will also be periodically offering sales and specials.  If you haven't already, please sign up for our email blog/newsletter (link below) to be made aware of these sales!  
Stay well, we'll get through this....and a vaccine is not that far off!