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- As with anything that touches the skin, it is possible certain soaps may be irritating to certain people...even with the most pure and non-synthetic ingredients. Discontinue use if ANY allergy or irritation occurs. Do a skin-test before using if you are concerned or prone to product-sensitivity. Test-use in a small spot on the inside of your arm and assess reaction before using on your entire body.

- Bar sizes and weights are approximate since they are hand-cut and labeled based upon expected weight after curing time (curing is an on-going process). Standard full-size bars are usually 5 oz. at cutting time, they cure to approx. 4.8 oz. at the least.We label as 4.5 oz.

- When you order bars Plain, the come in clear cello bag with the soap name hand-written on the bag.

- When you purchase Soap Logs or Bulk Chunks, they come packaged in a clear cello bag, or wrapped in clear stretch wrap.

- Lather from the soaps is WHITE, even though some of the bars have deep coloring due to the oils and botanicals used to make them. Lather may be tinted slightly (with deep colored soaps) but this does not stain either skin or washcloths.

- All of our soaps are gentle on all body parts. Consider them face AND body soaps....with the exception of botanical or grain-rich soaps, such as Lave Sus Manos which contains cornmeal and may feel harsh directly rubbed on skin other than hands.  Lather your textured soaps up on your wash tool (washcloth, loofah, sponge, scrub brush, etc.) before applying to skin if you feel they are too texture-y for direct skin-rubbing contact.

- We are often asked if natural soap lasts long. With handmade or ANY soap, how long it lasts depends on how you use it. If you use any soap as a scrubbing tool, your soap won't last long. Use a washcloth, sponge, or loofah to rub soap onto your skin and it will last longer. Natural handmade soap contains NONE of the chemicals or fillers mass-maufactured detergent-bar soaps commonly use to make them last, so you feel no residues on your skin following bathing with Simply Soap. You are also far less likely to need moisturizers as a result! What more you may pay for handmade soap, you save by not needing to purchase lotions to remedy soap-stripped skin.

- NOTE:  Bath accessories such as washcloths,  loofahs, back brushes, ayate clothes, etc. are collectors of dead skin cells and bacteria.  They should be rinsed thoroughly after each use and left to air-dry.  Wash at least once or twice a week with a disinfecting solution (1% bleach solution), or throw in the laundry or dish washer.  You can also put them  in the microwave on high for two minutes to kill bacteria.  

- Mint-scented soaps may create a "cooling" sensation, which while refreshing on skin, may be felt by some to be a bit TOO cooling on female private parts may want to avoid prolonged exposure of this area with mint soaps.

- Do not get soap into eyes!  Our soaps are not "tear-free."

- For external use only. This would seem obvious to most, but some people have asked. Apparently some people use grated soap concoctions for enema purposes, etc. We promote using our soap for external skin cleansing only.

- Many of our soaps smell "good enough to eat," but please do not ingest. (Example: Caribbean Cacao chocolate soap.)  Be sure to monitor your children using these soaps who may be prone to tasting them.  And PLEASE, parents.....ALWAYS monitor small children vigilantly while they are bathing--do not leave unattended for a moment!!!  

- All of our soaps are handmade, and due to this handmade nature, design, texture, and color variations may occur, but that is part of the soap's character and charm; it's NOT perfect or popped-out of a machine!  Some soaps contain ingredients (specifically fragranced soaps) that can accelerate thickening of the soap in production, and affect design techniques such as swirling. We cannot always achieve an identical swirl design in every batch.

- Exposure to air promotes hardening of your soap and contributes to longer-lasting quality. Like fine wine, good soap needs time to age and reach maturity. Allow your soap to "breathe" in non-airtight containers or wrappers. Place in a basket in your bathroom or linen cupboard to make towels smell nice too! If you order your soap "plain" (no label), it will arrive to you in a cello bag....we recommend you remove the soap from the bag promptly, and if not using right away, store somewhere the soap can breathe--a basket in your bathroom, etc. If you live in a humid climate, it's a humid time-of-year, or you do not have sufficient ventilation in your bathroom where you shower, this can set-up moist conditions where air-tight packaged soap can "sweat" upon itself. It's always best if soap can breathe....ANY kind of soap, not just handmade soap.

- We recommend using a draining soap dish so your soap does not sit in a puddle of water.  We offer wooden, slatted, one-piece soap dishes for this purpose! 


- Many customers report tucking bars of soap in interesting places such as their clothing drawers as a sachet, in pillow cases, on their dashboard, in a purse.....handy to have for a quick mood-enhancing, aromatherapy "whiff break".

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