Bulk soap can be hand-cut with a common kitchen knife--non-serrated, or use our cutters (See cutter instruction page if you purchased cutters).  Soap may be softish upon receipt as we often send “bulk soap” fresh to accomodate clients who wish to cut it, custom stamp it, or decoratively cut it in some way.  Air-dry in good ventilation or under circulating fans to speed up curing. Sometimes freshly cut soap can smell kind of “funky“...this is normal, especially with lavender blends!  The soap needs to air-dry a bit to allow essential or some fragrance oils to mature to what they should smell like!  A 4-6 week period of time is recommended for optimal curing, however climate conditions can cause curing times to differ.  Humidity lengthens curing.

If you have purchased soap as “plain” bars, or bulk logs or chunks, you may wish to “finish” your soap, giving it a more refined look...however the “handcrafted look” is actually part of the beauty of handmade soaps!  But “bulk’ soap is how it comes out of the molds.  You save money purchasing in this manner since WE don’t have to “finish” the soap.

A simple potato peeler run along the edge-sides of your soap bars will skim off a thin layer and remove any irregular bumpiness (a natural part of soap pours) or resultant soda ash - a white powdery-looking substance and naturally-occuring by-product of soapmaking with certain scents.  “Bevel” (optional) your soap bar edges by holding your potato peeler lightly against, and perpendicular to the corner edges of your trimmed soap, beveling and...giving it a sharp, finished edge.

If you wish to private label your soap, you can create labels on your computer, or hand-make, reproducing them on a copy machine, and cutting to fit your soap bars.  We design our own on the computer on a publishing program, with the page in landscape orientation, lining up 3 or 4 labels on one page.  You then cut them when printed, and can wrap one around each bar, cigar-band style, and secure with a glue stick or sticker.  You can dress-up your labels using decorative edge-scissors, or by crimping the labels.  You may want to use any number of interesting textured papers, corrugated cardboard, git-wrap paper, fabrics, cello bags as part of your wrapping!  A “good idea” catalog is Nashville Wraps (800-547-9727) or visit their website at www.nashvillewraps.com  or Bag & Bows (800) 225-8155.

- If you are Private Labeling our soap with your own company label, you agree to abide by FDA labeling requirements (info provided to you). Failure on your part to adequately and correctly label product is your responsibility and liability, not covered under our manufacturers’ liability insurance.  


- Name of the manufacturer (Ancient Alchemy of San Diego, CA) or distributor (You) -You must list one or both so consumers have re-contact info.
- Address of manufacturer OR distributor (so consumer has a location to come back to if there is a problem)
- Phone number of distributor (unless it's listed in the book under the business name)
- What the product in the package contains (Example, “soap“.  Clearly use the word “soap“ on the label so the product cannot be confused with another product.  Yes...that actually happens.)
- Net weight of the product (and for soap, this means fully cured--if you label the soap at 3.5 oz and six months later it only weighs 3 oz, you are in violation).
- Not required, but we recommend using the disclaimers “For External Use Only” and “If irritation develops, discontinue use.”
- Because this is a true soap product (not a detergent) you are actually not required by the FDA to list ingredients, however we as manufacturer strongly encourage that you list all ingredients so that customers have that information for informed shopping and can avoid known allergens if they happen to have them.  
- FDA regulations require that when you list soap ingredients, do so from greatest to least.   
SEE OUR INGREDIENTS LISTING PER SOAP VARIETY on each soap page on our website.  If you are labeling a *custom* (unique to you soap) order, we will provide you the ingredients to list for that soap.  
 - List bar weight.  Net weight 4.5 oz.” (per bar)  We cut our bars at 5.0+ ounces and they typically cure down to 4.8 oz., however we label at 4.5 oz to err on the side of correctness.
- If you are Private Labeling your soap, please choose your own soap names and descriptions.  
- It is important that you do not make claims about the soap such as “is healing”, “will cure acne”, “removes wrinkles”, etc. in your labeling or marketing.  Unless you have clinical data to back up claims, do not make them!!!  These type claims would then also take the product out of the FDA’s “Soap” category and put it in the “Cosmetic” or “Drug” categories and those associated labeling requirements.  Ancient Alchemy and Carol Ochs are not liable for any claims you make about our soap!

- All handmade soap is sensitive to extremes in heat.  Do not leave it, store it. or display it in hot or sunny locations.  This can possibly cause soap (in humid conditions) to “sweat” which sets the soap up for microbe growth (if enclosed in air-tight wrapping).  We are not responsible for degradation in the soap that occurs as a result of storage in heat that does not occur at our location. 

- Soap shelf-life is subject to many factors, including heat (above) exposure to air, dirt, handling.  Soap retains it’s scent, color, and quality best when properly cured, handled minimally, and kept wrapped -- with a tester bar left out for customer evaluation.  On bulk soap we recommend that you keep “cured” logs wrapped in stretchwrap (leave an end exposed if you like, exposure to air helps the soap continue to cure), shrinkwrap bars, or place in cello or paper bags/wrappers.  Some scents are more fleeting than others--particularly citrus scents.  Make a point of wrapping these “cured” soaps to help extend shelf-life.  Simply Soap is not responsible for soap with any signs of rancidty that occurs 3 months after it’s made-by date.    Shelf-life should be indefinite if properly cared for, albeit scents will eventually fade over extended periods of time.

- All soap is thoroughly inspected by Ancient Alchemy upon completion and prior to shipping.  If damage is sustained to your order during shipping, KEEP ALL SHIPPING MATERIALS and report the damage to the shipping carrier IMMEDIATELY!  You may need to take it to the carrier/post office there.  This has to take place for a claim to be made!

- Due to the handmade, hygienic/personal product aspect of our products, we do not do returns or issue credits or refunds on any of our products.  If there is a problem with a product that you believe is our responsibility, that product must be sent to us for evaluation and a determination made as to whether that product needs to be replaced at our expense.  Our goal is to ALWAYS provide the absolute finest quality handcrafted soap at all times. If the product is deemed to be defective in some way, we will refund your return shipping.