Bridal / Party / Favor / Custom Soaps

Welcome, and congrats on your special event! There's so many options available for bridal, handfast, jump-the-broom, baby shower, party, grand opening, reunion, favor, or any custom soaps!

Full (4.8 oz.) or half size (2.4 oz.) bars!

Minimums for custom scents.

We've made so many, both for events, as well as new product lines for shoppes & boutiques all over the country who carry our soap under their own private label...and no two the same!  

Special events are all about YOUR vision, YOUR special day or new product line! We're really only limited by your imagination!  Whether it's a theme of some sort that you wish to adhere to (example: ocean-themed), a personal message or credo in the type packaging material, fonts, graphics, names you prefer we use (example: label paper embedded with birdseed for guests to plant later and watch wildflowers grow!), scent or color schemes, let's talk and see what your ideas/preferences are!  We'll advise you on how do-able they are!

Labeled Half Bars (approx. 2.4 oz.) start at $5.00 ea.

Labeled Full Bars (approx. 4.8 oz.) start at $8.00 ea.


If you need at least $184.00 (<-IN RETAIL) total for your order, we will give you a 45% discount off that amount ($82.80), same as our wholesale discount! Shipping added separately, and CA state sales tax if you are a CA resident.

(If soaps with custom or more expensive ingredients are requested, the bars will cost more.)

Let's talk!